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I don’t have to tell you that you should exercise and eat right. You already know this. But perhaps jogging, lots of walking or most exercise isn’t something you’re able to do right now due to time or ability. Maybe you’re worried about your bone density and getting an injury.

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Let me ask you a question:

What if there was a way to get an hour’s worth of working out just by standing 10-minutes a day while watching your favorite TV show or reading a book?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

But it’s not thanks to the revolutionary field of Whole Body Vibration exercise. Odds are you haven’t heard of Whole Body Vibration exercise but many of America’s top athletes, government institutions, Fortune 500 corporations and celebrities have.

In fact, Whole Body Vibration exercise has played a pivotal role in the feminine shapes of Jessica Alba, Madonna, Claudia Schiffer and Natalie Imbruglia. Imagine what it can do for you!

And if you’re a guy who wants to build your physique take note that the US Olympic team as well as many professional athletes like Lance Armstrong, Daren Holmes (Atlanta Braves), David Cone (NY Mets), Eric Karros (Chicago Cubs), LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) and so many more swear by Whole Body Vibration exercise.

Whether you’re male or female, young or old, healthy or unhealthy, Whole Body Vibration exercise can positively improve your life in a dramatic way that reaches into almost every area of your life, because an energetic, strong healthy body accomplishes so much more!

Whole Body Vibration is Changing the Way the World Thinks About Exercise!
“It’s the NEW WAY to Exercise”

And it’s this special type of exercise that’s absolutely changing the way people think about exercise, because the benefits are tremendous.

While Yoga, Pilate's, Tae Bo, Aerobics, Jazzercise and weight training have been the rage for many years, Whole Body Vibration takes exercise and health to a whole new level.

That’s because when you exercise the K1 Whole Body Vibration Exercise way, the machine you’re standing on generates subtle vibrations that are transferred to your body. As this happens, your muscles automatically react to the vibration by contracting and it’s by contracting that you work your muscles out.

Since the machine vibrates 7 to 28 times per second, your muscles contract and relax that many times per second depending on the speed you choose. All of your muscles are being worked out with Whole Body Vibration compared to just 45% of muscle fibers with conventional

Whole Body Vibration gives your muscles more of a workout due to volume of contractions as opposed to resistance caused by weight. No weight-training routine can work your muscles with that much volume in terms of contractions. There absolutely isn’t a more efficient or easier way to exercise.

The vibrations from the Vibration machine increase the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improve blood circulation in skin and muscles, strengthen bone tissue, improve lymph drainage and increase your metabolism. The result?

You’ll have more speed, stamina, strength and flexibility and mobility and coordination. Plus you’ll see more anti-cellulitis, collagen improvement and fat reduction. Best of all, you can gain these astonishing benefits without jarring or exhausting exercise!

As you can imagine, this new way of building up the body has captured the attention of many of the world’s leading sports trainers because it’s now possible to get a quality hour’s worth of working out in just 10 minutes a day.

It Was the Best-Kept Secret Behind
Russia’s Space & Olympic Records!

You may not know this but back in 1995, a Russian Cosmonaut (and medical doctor) named Valery Polakov aboard the Mir Space Station set a world record for being in space for 438 days.

What’s interesting is that at the same time American astronauts Carl Walz and Dan Bursch could only stay in space for 196 days. They had to come down to Earth due to bone and muscle degeneration. So what did the Russians know that our astronauts didn’t? It was the concept of Whole Body Vibration!

Yes, Whole Body Vibration exercise has been one of Russia’s best-kept secrets since the late 70’s giving them the power to DOMINATE SPORTS AT WILL. It was the Russian Space Program that pioneered the science of Whole Body Vibration. And the reason is simple.

Living in space with zero gravity causes bones and muscles to lose strength as there’s nothing to push against and the potential for blood clots increases too. The impact of zero gravity on the body and its consequences on bones and muscles can be so great that astronauts had to literally be carried out on stretchers upon returning to Earth.

In Russia’s quest for a solution to this problem, they created many devices to imitate gravity and found that Whole Body Vibration mimics gravity the best and has a profound impact on building and maintaining muscle and bone strength. The original unit that evolved from the Russian Space Program that gave Russian’s an edge was called the Galileo and it exceeded the expectations of their scientists.

Think about this, their Whole Body Vibration machine beat our finest trainers and exercise machines.

Until Now, Whole Body Vibration
Was A Secret Of The Rich & Famous!

Since word about Whole Body Vibration got out to the West, this training method became the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. You had to run in the right circles in most cases to find out about it.

Right away, American sports teams, celebrities, CEO’s, and yes NASA took advantage of Whole Body Vibration exercise and benefited enormously.

As the years passed more companies came onto the market offering their version of Whole Body Vibration exercise machines. Eventually as the costs came down just as they do for most consumer electronics, many companies started making these machines became available to the general public.

Now I’ve personally spent $250,000 in buying and thoroughly testing these machines out. And I’ve consulted with the top experts in the world on whole body vibration exercise to discover which machine in particular is the best value for the dollar. The good news is, I’ve found the answer and it’s a lot more affordable than you might think.

The Noblerex K1 Transforms Your Physique In Just 10 Minutes A Day!

Introducing the Noblerex K1 Platinum Whole Body Vibration machine. This is the best machine on the market that matches the original Whole Body Vibration machine, the Galileo.

Let me ask you a question. What would your dream body look like? Would you be interested in a toned, lean physique that turns heads? Or would building muscle, bone density and vastly improving your health be more important to you, or both?

Whatever it is, the Noblerex K-1 can certainly help you get there. In fact, the research backing whole body vibration and the incredible health and fitness benefits is absolutely shocking.

606 Reasons

Prove Why You’ll Look & Feel 20 Years Younger

It’s the Ultimate Anti-Aging Machine!

You may not know this but is the largest website dedicated to sharing solid, peer reviewed research in alternative and conventional medicine.

And if you go to this site you’ll find 606 research reports as of 11/07 on the benefits of Whole Body Vibration. And if you were to take time to read these reports, you’d discover the Noblerex K-1, which is based on the Galileo machine gives you these amazing benefits:

Increase and maintain bone density strength well into old age as you use the Noblerex K1. Why spend cash on pills and supplements when the Noblerex K1 Platinum naturally builds your bone strength?

If you’re elderly and your body is weak enough to the point where you can’t get up from a wheelchair or out of bed without help then you’ll absolutely treasure your Noblerex K-1. That’s because in just 3 weeks you can be self sufficient able to get around on your own. Let the Noblerex K-1 Platinum prove it to you without risking a single cent.

Boosts your muscle strength by 50% in just 3 weeks! Imagine the joy of being more active and productive! With your Noblerex K1 you can focus on building leg muscles, stomach, arms and upper body or simply get an overall body workout that builds a chiseled body that looks fantastic. By the way, women, the Noblerex K-1 won’t make you buff like a guy, it’ll help give you a physique similar to that of Jessica Alba and Claudia Schiffer.

Watch in amazement as pounds and inches melt away because you’ll build lean muscle mass, burn calories and your metabolism will increase giving you a flatter stomach, firm thighs and buns and a more attractive shape. If you’ve been looking for an easier way to get fit and look your absolute best then the K1 Whole Body Vibration Machine is it. Why wear yourself out at the gym when you can get a better workout from the Noblerex K1?

See cellulite fade and skin tighten, as your body burns fat like a furnace. Women and yes men absolutely love the K1 Machine because it’s by far the closest thing there is to an anti aging miracle, a true fountain of youth. This is due in large part because the K-1 Machine improves collagen production and substantially increases blood circulation.

Enjoy more restful nights of beauty sleep as your HGH levels increase by 361%. When you get a good night sleep it dramatically affects your physical performance, mood and outlook on life.

Watch your love life sizzle and spark as your sex-drive soars because your HGH levels will increase. If you’re looking for something better than the purple pill then this is it! Exciting nights of passion and intimacy happen when your HGH levels increase naturally.

Improves your speed, agility, grace and flexibility as the Noblerex K1 strengthens joints, tendons, and ligaments and stretches your muscles. This will amp up your athletic ability and out-put. If you’re involved in sports such as martial arts, track, swimming, gymnastics and football and yes golf you’ll soon see the wonderful speed and flexibility and better muscle control the K-1 Vibration Exerciser gives you. This machine truly can give you the winning edge in virtually any sport!

May relieve back pain and aching joints as the Noblerex K1 strengthens deep tissues, including your core muscles. Go from weak to workhorse! One man’s terrible spinal condition actually disappeared after using his K1 Vibration Machine. Imagine what the Noblerex K1 Platinum might do for you.

Reduces the affects of stress. Medical science has repeatedly said that stress is by far one of the biggest reasons people see the doctor and it’s also the reason behind many illnesses. Why not let the K-1 Vibration Exerciser melt away stress and tension?

Feel like a million bucks and be able to accomplish 2 – 3 times MORE in a day! Imagine the difference this will make in your career, business, sports and relationships. Your mood and energy levels affect every area of your life. Isn’t it time you had plenty of energy to do the things you want to do without feeling tired all the time? You bet! And the Noblerex K1 Platinum does this in part by naturally and safely elevating your serotonin and neutrophine levels.

Plus MORE!

These electrifying benefits and more are yours in just 10 minutes a day! This machine will totally transform your life and you can’t put a price on that. And you can have it all while reading a book or watching your favorite TV while on the Noblerex K-1!

Plus … people of all ages and walks of life can benefit from the Noblerex K1 Platinum.

Did You Know?

According to JAMA (July 25, 2007 edition) more than 30,000 hip fractures occur every year. And it is these hip fractures that are one of the main reasons why people end up in a nursing home. What most people don’t’ realize is, people don’t suddenly fall and then break a bone. No, a bone snaps and then they fall like a sack of potatoes. The Noblerex K-1 is perfect for people who want a serious solution for avoiding falls, brittle bones and hip fractures.

The Noblerex K1 Whole Body
Machine Makes Treadmills & Other Equipment Obsolete!

Why settle for a draining cardiovascular workout on a treadmill when you can get a whole body workout on the Noblerex K-1 in just 10 minutes? And here’s the best part:

Using the Noblerex K1 Platinum is fun; it’s an enjoyable experience that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward or hurt your joints after using it.

Unlike other whole body vibration machines, only your K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine has a quality motor that may last longer than you! I personally ran my Noblerex K1 for 3 straight days CONTINUOUSLY with no problem whatsoever. I also know of a clinic that runs the machine all day long and it has never broken down.

Plus the Noblerex K-1 is sturdy and won’t wobble, and it’s quieter than similar products on the market. It’s important to note the K1 machine uses the same oscillating motion that the Galileo used.

Why Frequency of Vibration & Oscillating Platform Is Vital To Making Whole Body Vibration Effective.

Don’t be fooled by other machines on the market because they use a vertical, jack-hammer motion and even claim it works just as well. Friend, that’s outright deception.

Vertical displacement machines cannot use as much amplitude and may cause wear and tear on the knees. I personally know of 2 people who have used the top of the line vertical displacement models and they’ve suffered knee problems. Oscillating units (like the K-1) involve the pelvis and allow for a larger amplitude (more force) without the wear and tear on the joints.

What else makes the K1 Vibration Exercise Machine so special is it uses the right frequency range (the number of times the platform vibrates per second). Research proves the peak frequency range for benefiting the muscles is 18-27 vibrations a second or Hertz (Hz). This is based on natural contraction and relaxation cycles of the muscles resulting in reinforcement or resonance.

Any machines boasting high frequencies can be dangerous and can adversely impact muscles. On the other hand, lower frequencies simply do not have enough benefit. Levels 5-10 on the K-1 operate in optimal range, which are the only settings I personally recommend, unless someone is just recovering from a serious injury or is elderly.

To get a great one-hour workout in 10 minutes requires the machine have sufficient amplitude to generate enough force. I have actually tested all competitor oscillating systems and only the Noblerex K1 matches the intensity of the Galileo. Other units may be less expensive, but they lack the proper amplitude, which means you hardly feel like you are getting a workout. This is why I personally stake my personal and professional reputation on the Noblerex K1 Platinum.

Watch Out for Cheap Knockoffs

There are many whole body vibration machines on the market, some good, some bad and some just plain ugly. I have personally tried over 20 different models and the machines below I believe are the ones to avoid at all costs. These machines are very cheaply made, have weak motors and weak amplitudes and have a choppy or awkward motion. In the case of the vibeplate and soloflex, they are just platforms with a motor underneath and not really whole body vibration at all. So buyer beware.




Here’s What a Whole Body Vibration Workout on the Noblerex K1 is Like…

So how exactly does the Noblerex K1 work? It’s really simple to use and perfect for those days where the last thing you want to do is

To use your Noblerex K-1 Platinum, simply step on to it and start on the lower settings to get a feel for the vibration machine. If you want to target a certain area such as thighs, buns or abs, simply position your legs or body in a position that works those areas. (You’ll receive instructions showing you how to do this.)

You’ll notice that you can adjust your vibration speed up or down during different positions. You may even want to use the pyramid method which is to start low and then go high then back low again; whereas others may feel more comfortable with starting low and building up.

As you use your machine you’ll notice that certain positions work better than others at certain speeds.
By the way, you do not have to have the vibration machine at the highest speeds to get results, just as you wouldn’t start out with a treadmill set at the highest speed. You can also adjust the intensity of the workout by moving your feet closer or further apart on the vibration board. After a few times of using your Noblerex K-1 you’ll find your own rhythm and routine that works best for you.

Here’s what this experience will feel like …

Let’s say I’m having a stressful day, feeling lethargic, sluggish, with some aches and pains especially tightness in my back, then I take a deep breath and step onto the Noblerex K1 platform.

Then I turn the machine on and set it to the level right for me and that’s when the magic begins. From there, soothing vibrations gently shake and caress every muscle in my body.

It seems as if for 10 minutes the world disappears and I feel waves of vibrations ironing out all the wrinkles, loosening and stretching out my body, strengthening and invigorating my muscles, bones, back and joints.

Unlike other exercises, this one is especially enjoyable to use and I look forward to it every day because after I get off, my mind is calm, my energy is high, and my aches and pains gone and I feel like I can fly. My mood is up, my strength renewed, my focus sharpened and the day starts anew.

This is the best way in words I can describe this machine, you’ve simply got to try it for yourself; and you can without risking a single penny!

How the Noblerex K1 is Dramatically Improving
Bodies Across America!

“I Healed a Condition in My Spine”

“I am about one and one half times as strong as I was before the K-1. I healed a condition in my spine that I had had for a very long time, I have more energy than I have ever had. I have put on 12 pounds of muscle mass, I am more tone than I have ever been, I feel better than I ever have before, it also enhances everything that I do and makes those things almost effortless!”

- Jon Shalomar, Mount Shasta, CA

“The Only Whole Body Vibration Machine
I Recommend”

"I've never gotten such effective warm-ups and warm-downs as I've gotten with the K1.
All my supporting muscles, tendons, ligaments get a nice massage.
The K-1 is the ONLY Whole Body Vibration Machine I recommend.”

- Peter Ragnar, Gatlinburg, TN

“Gains Rock-Hard Muscles and Big
Increase in Strength”

“The K1 is the most amazing fitness tool I have ever used! Within 3 weeks of using it I noticed a big increase in muscle strength and size. The muscles in my upper body, much to my surprise became almost rock hard. Everyone who knows me is shocked at the difference that one month has made. Every single person who has tried my K1 has been blown away by what just 10 minutes can do.”

- Seth Pruzansky, Bowdoinham, ME

“Gained Muscle and Shed Fat & Inches
off Problem Areas”

“The K1 is just what I have been looking for! I have used it for about 5 months now, and the results have been phenomenal. I have been able to tone and tighten my body, gaining muscle while losing fat and inches off those hard to target problem areas.

The machine is simple and easy to use; I look forward to using it every day. It has also helped me with overall health, giving me more energy and completely relieving my carpal tunnel symptoms. I wholeheartedly believe in this product!”

- Jessica Nielsen, Asheville, NC

“Immediately Noticed Circulation

“For the first time in years, I feel like I fit into my body! I immediately noticed circulation improvement, and I feel more toned and physically stronger than I have in a long time. Its Amazing, thanks for letting me know about this new find.”

- Nini Hill, Fayetteville GA

“Goes From Wheelchair to Walking &

“Before I received my machine I could not walk any distance without my cane and even very short distances, and with a lot of hurt. When going to a store I would have to use a wheelchair. I could not get up from a sitting position without help. I had so much constant pain in my neck that I had used heat to relieve the pain. I could not turn my head without painful cracking. No pills or heat helped. I could not even bend over to tie my shoes or pick up anything from the floor. Now I have this machine for five weeks and all this is gone. I can walk without my cane, I have cancelled a nerve block for my neck, I am all over my yard and house. I even loaded a wheelbarrow with firewood and pushed to outside fire and then built a fire. I can do my vacuuming. The changes in my life are so amazing that any one who saw me a month ago cannot believe how I am today, but the changes began after the first use. My husband could not believe what he was seeing. The improvements keep on daily. I am now pain free, and never go without this machine.”

- Jan Fish

“Goes From Dropping Bone Density to Normal
and Spinal Condition Straightens Out!”

I’m 45 years old and have a family history of Osteoporosis and I’ve been taking medication for a period of time and got concerned about the health issues. So we went online and purchased the vibrator machine about a year ago and I just had a bone density scan and my spine has straightened up completely and I have not dropped in my percentage with my bone density I’m still the same I was without any mediction except

- Kathy Williamson

“Actual Email From a Multiple Sclerosis
(M.S.) Sufferer”

"Bryant, I'm with an MS group and the K-1 machine has done wonders for me. When I started I help on for dear life-was using a cane, now I can stand on it with my hands in my pockets and am no longer using a cane!

My question. Will you be here in September or October?

If so, is there a way you could bring the machine to an MS support meeting and demonstrate it for us... even use me as an example of one who was improved by using it?!?

- P, Styers

Claim Your 6 Free Bonuses Worth $500.00!

And to sweeten this offer, I’ll give you 6 valuable bonuses worth $500.00!
Look at what you’re getting:

Free Bonus #1: Unlocking the Mysteries of Whole Body Vibration. You’ll get my video interview with Yosef Johnson one of the world’s leading experts on Whole Body Vibration. Josef was there with some of the original researchers who developed this technology. He’ll unlock the mysteries of how it’s possible to shed pounds and inches, build health, bone density and more with this marvel of science.

Free Bonus #2: Free 30-Minute Consultation & Progress Report. No other distributor is willing to give you a half hour consultation with an analysis of your progress on the Noblerex K-1. Remember, I’m a certified sports nutritionist, so you’ll gain insight and suggestions that’ll dramatically enhance your experience with the Noblerex K-1. Plus, I’ll give you lifetime support on any questions you have related to health and wellness!

Free Bonus #3: Free Whole Body Vibration Workout DVD. This eye-opening DVD reveals 30 different exercises you can do on the K-1 plus an exclusive training program along with more videos soon to be released by world-renowned Whole Body Vibration researchers.

Free Bonus #4: Early Bird Gift. If you’re one of the first 20 to reply today I’ll send you a special edition of the K-1 that includes handles and free workout straps that improve your workout.

Free Bonus #5: Free Shipping! (Valued At $150)

Plus… your Noblerex K-1 comes with a 1-Year Warranty. If anything happens to it, we’ll fix it or replace it free of charge!

Here’s the best part. Even if you were to request a refund, you come out $500.00 ahead as these bonuses are yours to keep as my way of saying thanks for giving the Noblerex K-1 a spin. What could be fairer?

Let’s Sum Up What You’re Getting...

So let’s sum up everything you’re getting. You’re getting the Noblerex K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine. This is the only machine that’s based upon the original Galileo machine, which helped the Russians set world records in space and athletics.

As you’ll soon see, the Noblerex Machine is super easy to assemble and de-assemble, all it takes is 6 screws and an Alan wrench that’s included. Just plug it in the wall and you’re ready to roll. And it doesn’t take as much space as a treadmill either so you’re getting a complete muscle building and cardio building machine in one!

Your Noblerex K-1 Machine has a high quality motor and sturdy construction with an oscillating platform and a vibration frequency that’s safe and effective. With this machine you’ll gain the ability to shed pounds and inches, fade cellulite, increase muscle strength 50% in 3 weeks, increase bone density, boost HGH levels 361% and feel like a million bucks.

This is a space-age machine that’ll give you an incredible one-hour’s worth full body workout in just ten minutes, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Once you try it, you’ll absolutely love it and wonder how you got by without it.

Try The Noblerex K1 Risk Free Today!

One more thing … if you’re one of the first 20 people who take advantage of this offer today, I’ll send you a special edition K-1 that includes special handles and workout straps that’ll super-charge your 10-minute workouts.

Since you’re going to invest in a Whole Body Vibration machine doesn’t it make sense to get 100% out of it rather than just 25%? Now only through this exclusive offer can you get 100% out of your K-1 because I’m giving you a special video that’ll show you tested and proven routines that you won’t get elsewhere!

And … only through this SPECIAL OFFER will you get LIFETIME CONSULTATION with your K-1. It’s like having a personal fitness trainer on call!

Get Started Today & You'll Also Get Our
15 Day Money Back Guarantee

I truly want you to discover how satisfying it is
to have the energy, zest for life, and enjoyment
of a great excercise that only a Noblerex K1 Platinum
can give you.

To make sure you are 100% comfortable buying your
Noblerex K1 today I'm offering you a 15 Day Money
Back Guarantee.

You can take one of these amazing machines home
and if during the first 15 days of receiving your
Noblerex K1 you are not 100% satisfied, you can
return the machine - and I'll give you 100% of
your investment back - no questions asked.

I understand you may be skeptical
about a machinethat promises so much.
This is my way to insure your investment
is protected!

CEO, Energyways

P.S. Can you remember a product you treasured? I’m confident the Noblerex K-1 will exceed your expectations. Why not order today? After all, you don’t risk a single penny to test-drive it in the comfort of your home.

P.S.S If you are an M.D. or a health care professional with questions about Whole Body Vibration or the Noblerex K-1, you can contact me direct at my private phone number, which is 231-343-6823. Thank you.

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